Chinnery Summer Transcription Challenge: Solutions

This summer, the Dickens Decoders turned their attention to another user of the Gurney shorthand system: the artist George Chinnery (1774-1852). Check out the results and download a transcript below; all images are courtesy of the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. You can also find out more about Chinnery, his shorthand, and connections with Dickens in two guest blogs by Patrick Conner.

Sketch 1

Detail and solution

Statue of Benevolence in Sir Francis …..ton’s picture

Sketch 2: Two Chinese figures with Barber’s Equipment

Detail 2.1 and solution

to be particular about these hands and feet

Detail 2.2 and solution

they were very beautiful

Detail 2.3 and solution

June 11 (18)32

3.1 Sketch of Top of the Façade of S. Domingo’s Church

Detail and solution

Prout’s view of the Rialto to recollect

3.2 Sketch of Chinese figures

Detail 3.2 and solution

The study does

Detail 3.3 and solution

A picture required

Detail 3.4 and solution

Hat added by it would

be excellent

Sketch 4: Studies of Chinese Porters and a Figure in Rainwear with a Cow and Calf

Detail 4.1 and solution

the hats are worn more often in rainy weather than in fine weather

Detail 4.2 and solution

hat atop of the basket

Sketch 5: Four Studies for Portraits for Western Children

Detail 5.1 and solution

The left leg of the big boy

Detail 5.2 and solution

crossed over the right

Detail 5.3 and solution

leg would be better

Detail 5.4 and solution

and the dog brought a little forward

Detail 5.5 and solution

so as to fill up the space

Detail 5.6 and solution

it would make

Detail 5.7 and solution

good and very useful Aug.15 1846

Sketch 6: Set of Mini-sketches of Figure and Animal Studies

Consult the downloadable transcript, below.

Sketch 7: Figure by a Basket

Detail 7.1 and solution

An excellent foundation for a group at a little distance as it is now the front figure

Detail 7.2 and solution

It is the right prop(ortion)

Detail 7.3 and solution

the figure cross wise

Download a transcript