Solution to the June 2024 challenge

In our June challenge, the Dickens Decoders identified two more pages of dictation from Sydney Smith’s ‘I would not live always’ – and another two without an identified source text. Find out more and download a line-by-line transcript here!


July 2024 challenge: Notebook D continued

Our work on Notebook D continues, with the end now in sight – and a mysterious text from an unknown source has emerged! Can you crack it? Download an entry form and have a go.
Deadline: 2 August 2024


Solution to the May 2024 Challenge

The Dickens Decoders matched most of the shorthand in our May challenge to passages from Sydney Smith’s work – but two unidentified lines remain! Find out more and download a line-by-line transcript here.


Decoding Dickens: The Shorthand Mysteries – A Virtual Talk

In this online talk, taking place on 3 July, Dr Claire Wood and Professor Hugo Bowles will explore the essential part that shorthand played in Dickens’s development as a writer, as well as the fascinating shorthand fragments that he left behind. Find out more and book your tickets today!


Continuing Notebook D II: Solutions

The Dickens Decoders have made short work of a further four pages from ‘Notebook D’, which Arthur Stone kept from his shorthand lessons with Dickens. Find out more about the source texts and download a line-by-line transcript here.